Tax & Bookkeeping Services in South Austin

padgett Is your small business in need of professional financial services? If so, learn more about the small business services available at Padgett Business Services®, including preparation of business taxes, bookkeeping/management reporting services, payroll, financial planning, and more.

Our services are performed using state of the art financial software by experienced professionals eager to help you. Let Padgett be your small business advisors, putting our experience to work for you. We’re anxious to play a role in your success!

  • Monthly bookkeeping/management reporting
  • Preparation of business taxes
  • Payroll services
  • Financial planning
  • Consulting services
  • Tax planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Forecasting


We specialize in the taxes that affect your small business: income tax, payroll tax, sales tax… any tax.

  • Our thorough understanding of small business issues means your taxes will always be prepared accurately and timely.
  • We guarantee prompt delivery of completed tax forms, so you won’t worry about meeting tax deadlines.

We get to know our clients through personalized conversations and thoughtful tax planning that minimizes tax exposure and eliminates surprises. We prepare hundreds of business and personal income tax returns each year. Contact us to learn more


We understand that some business owners are perfectly happy keeping their own books, and just want the occasional consultation to review books, or ask questions. For this reason, we do offer consultations at an hourly rate. We should mention that this rate changes during the months of Jan-April, so it’s in your best interest to request consultations in the off season if you can. Contact us to learn more


We have several different options for assisting our clients with payroll tax compliance. Most businesses with more than a couple of employees use our full service payroll option, which comes with direct deposit, secure check stub access, and other convenient features, and it’s surprisingly affordable. And many smaller businesses, or those with only a few employees, prefer our after-the-fact payroll reporting option. And we can usually find a way to work with those business owners needing less common payroll services.

No matter what, though, we make sure that your payroll returns are filed accurately and timely. Especially since we know that even the most seasoned business owner hates getting those random IRS penalty letters! Contact us to learn more